The Cinnamon Agency

Cinnamon brings communications
to life;


inspiring audiences and  demonstrating impact
from your investment

Cinnamon brings communications
to life;


inspiring audiences and  demonstrating impact
from your investment

Add spice and colour to your
communication strategy

Our goal is to transform your brand, events and meetings into the greatest show on earth! Bringing your communications into the spotlight for your audience. No matter the industry, you will want to create a show to remember, and we can make that happen.

We understand that putting together any corporate gathering can be time consuming and overwhelming.
Let us help remove the stress by doing everything for you. From finding the perfect venue to gathering guests and accommodating them, we will be the ringleaders. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!

Cinnamon is a full-service agency catering for all your project requirements including audio-visual production with in-house specialists and partners, design and production from our studios and digital and content development, with vast experience of creating and delivering medical content for specific product and therapy areas.

Cinnamon: the partner of choice when it comes to fulfilling all your meeting and event needs!

Adding spice to your brand & communication strategy

Bringing your brand and story to life is essential to giving
your audience the optimal experience. Whatever medium you choose, we can create a strategy that will perform.

Even if you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry.
We will investigate and materialise your brand to create the most captivating story.

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Bringing colour to your travel, transportation & warehousing logistics

From arranging bookings and itineraries to finding accommodation and arrange flights, we can do everything.

We strive for the best in travel, accommodation, dining, shipping and logistics, just as you would expect us to. Punctuality is our middle name, so you can relax knowing that the show will go on without a hitch.

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Adding to the mix with event and roadshow management

Whether you are arranging a workshop or roadshow, we have everything covered. From setup to packing away, we will be there for every step. We have a lifetime of experience that will ensure your event will run smoothly.

The size of your request does not play a role here.
Whatever you need, we will provide!

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For many years, we have played a role in bringing communications to life for many organisations. We have helped with Live events, Roadshows, Event Analytics, Brand Design, Travel Logistics, Workshops, Communications, Warehouse logistics, Print Production, Presentation support and Virtual meetings