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We can help your business create exciting healthcare experiences

The Cinnamon Agency is a creative and dynamic event management company which delivers bespoke world-class creative events for clients within the global pharmaceutical industry.

Established in 2005, the Cinnamon Agency specialises in delivering creative, high-impact and memorable events that have received international acclaim from both physicians and major clients like GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories and Novo Nordisk. Our aim is simple: to create an experience that clients will never forget.

Delivering world class events

Our clients understand that when we create an event, we deliver world-class events.

What we do?

The easiest way to answer that is by telling you what we don’t do. We’re not an advertising agency or a public relations company: we’re a pharmaceutical event management agency that works with high-level clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Our aim is to get our clients to where they want to be. We don’t just deliver meetings: we create and deliver all-encompassing, theatrical events that resonate with clients. We choreograph the production from start to finish and take care of the branding, the content, the presenters, the direction and the production.

As event choreographers we help our clients throughout the event process, consulting, planning, dissecting, producing and delivering all the components of the event, and blend them all together, creating the opportunity to educate, motivate, collaborate and communicate.

What makes us different?

That’s easily answered. Cinnamon does what others only claim to do. Our clients know that any Cinnamon event will truly be a unique experience. They know that Cinnamon is professional, knowledgeable, approachable, responsible, flexible and creative.

Our clients understand that any Cinnamon event will be overseen and managed right through from the initial brief through to delivery, and they appreciate that every bespoke Cinnamon event will add measurable value to their brand.

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