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Great delivery is wholly dependent on great planning

Success in the pharmaceutical industry is largely dependent on organisation and strategy. Meticulous planning and thorough research are vital: without them any event would fail to make an impact. Without a clear and focused strategy we would never be in the position to manage our conferences or deliver memorable events effectively and get our high-level clients to where they want to be.


Cinnamon always takes a hands-on role with event delivery. We like to be on-site to see that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Successful events can only be achieved by employing and galvanising all the talents, co-operation, co-ordination and participation of every individual involved.

It’s Cinnamon’s job to see that that happens, and our experienced on-site event management team who will ensure that your event runs in exactly the way your business would want.

Investigator Meetings

Cinnamon has extensive experience of organising clinical investigator meetings, having worked with many major pharmaceutical companies like Sanofi-Aventis and Novo Nordisk. We’ve facilitated numerous investigator meetings given by clinical trial sponsors to conduct protocol and GCP training, and allow participants an opportunity to ask questions about the clinical trial conduct.

We understand the importance of creating the optimal environment for the dissemination of information regarding on-going pharmaceutical trials and recruitment criteria. Our experienced team respond enthusiastically to any challenge and have developed a proven ‘event plus’ strategy that delivers quality results regardless of the size or geographical location of the venue.

Competitor Workshops

Research of every relevant sector of the market is crucial before any pharmaceutical company makes the decision to expand into new sectors of the therapeutic market. Cinnamon takes an in-depth look at all the latest information relating to the disease and all the competitor intelligence and feeds this information back to our client so they can see the full picture.

Our team like challenges and always respond well, and has developed a proven ‘war gaming’ strategy that, like our ‘event plus’ strategy, delivers robust and reliable results that are not dependent of the physical size or geographical locality of the venue.

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