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Great event management is no longer simply limited to sourcing a suitable venue and putting on a show

How are Cinnamon able to make every event different? How do we make every product launch stand out, and get international delegates from all corners of the globe communicating effectively and constructively together? How are we able to meet the client’s brief whilst still engaging the audience? The answer to all of these questions is by using new media.

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The emergence of new media or multimedia over the last 5 years has completely transformed event management. It is no longer sufficient to simply host an event: event management these days is all about theatre and production. It’s all about impact, and new media creates impact.

The emergence of video production, video presentation, webcasts, social media and interactivity have completely transformed pharmaceutical event management, and Cinnamon has been in the vanguard, embracing all the new media technologies like flipping books and creative digital publications and videos and incorporating them into our world-class creative events and productions.

Increasing restrictions on promotional give-aways at product launches and greater levels of healthcare compliance have made it increasingly difficult for pharmaceutical companies to launch new products. However, Cinnamon’s event managers have always managed to deliver world-class creative and engaging events to promote new products and pharmaceutical innovations to the market.

Engaging with the audience is crucial to the success of any conference or product launch. The best way to achieve this engagement is by using staging creatively, and using every modern technology to bring the event or product to life.

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