The Cinnamon Agency

Our client had been let down last minute by their agency, leaving them with merely 2 months to
avert a brand disaster in the face on 600 international clinical opinion leaders. The client was left with three options.
The first would be to attempt to fill the gap without any help and the second would be to cancel the event
altogether. Both of these options would lead to disappointment, embarrassment, and untold damage
to personal, company and brand reputation.

Luckily, there was a third option that would solve everything. By turning to Cinnamon for help, the clients were back-on-track in no time. Condensing 6-months work into 2 months, Cinnamon delivered a high impact and memorable event; we overtook sourcing a DMC, writing contracts, travel, AV, set-building, breakouts, arranging transfers and travel and creating a mind-blowing social agenda.