The Cinnamon Agency

Our client came to us for a large pharmaceutical, 4-day event for 1,800 international clinicians. In fact, it was 5 events all rolled into one! With 5 separate markets that were attending with a range of educational and communication-based agendas; at the start of the event, all delegates were brought together to socialise, understand and discuss common issues surrounding the goals of the meeting.

This meant that over the course of four days, we put together a large number of breakout sessions
(155 to be exact). Thanks to our highly skilled staff, who were well trained and immersed in the overall meeting objectives, they were able to provide the best service for this event. What’s more, they did it with a guest to staff ratio of almost 12:1! This is just one example of the many ways in which Cinnamon can deal with a large number of guests, no matter the occasion.