• strategy (‘strætIdgI) n,pl -gies 1 the art or science of the planning and conduct of a war; generalship 2 a particular long-term plan for success, esp in business or politics. Compare tactics (sense 2) 3 a plan or stratagem [c17 from French stratégie, from Greek strategia function of a general; see STRATAGEM]


  • solution (se’lu:fen) n 1 a specific answer to or way of answering a problem 2 the act or process of solving a problem 3 maths the unique set of values that yield a true statement when substituted for the variables in an equation 4 law the payment, discharge, or satisfaction of a claim, debt, etc. [c14 from Latin solutiõ an unloosing, from solutus;see SOLUTE]

  • The Cinnamon agency focuses on delivering the most effective solution to help you stand out from the crowd

  • The Cinnamon agency focuses on delivering the most effective solution to help you stand out from the crowd


  • design (dI’zaIn) vb 1 to work out the structure or form of (something), as by making a sketch, outline, pattern, or plans 2 to plan and make (something) artistically or skillfully 3 (tr) to form or conceive in the mind; invent 4 (tr) to intend, as for a specific purpose; plan 5 a plan, sketch, or preliminary drawing 6 the art of designing 7 a plan, scheme, or project 8 an end aimed at or planned for; intention; purpose 9 a coherent or purposeful pattern, as opposed to chaos: God’s design appears in nature.

  • The Cinnamon agency focuses on delivering the most effective solution to help you stand out from the crowd

  • The Cinnamon agency focuses on delivering the most effective solution to help you stand out from the crowd

  • The Client


    The Challenge

    • • To disseminate information regarding sanofi-aventis’ ongoing MS trials and recruitment criteria,
      and to engage potential Principal Investigators to enrol patients onto the trials
      • To plan meetings at major MS conferences to share current trial data
      • To organise exhibition booths at major MS conferences to recruit new Principal Investigators

  • The Client

    Novo Nordisk (Global)

    The Challenge

    To create an optimal environment for the dissemination of the results from Novo Nordisk’s largest trial ever conducted in diabetes...Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes (LEAD), to over 600 of the world’s thought leaders.

    The Solution

    The application of “Events Plus”

  • The Client

    Bristol-Myers Squibb, Global/EMEA

    The Challenge

    • To create a platform of disease and competitor knowledge for all business disciplines in a new
    therapeutic area
    • To build a cohesive and multidisciplinary global team
    • To perform a competitor communications analysis and determine offensive and defensive strategies and
    tactical plans for the development of a new pharmaceutical

  • The Solution

    Advisory boards Satellite symposia, Investigator meetings, Exhibition booths, Scientific posters, Advertising materials


    • • Venue sourcing and management, including room hire, catering, etc.
      • Faculty invitation management and liaison
      • Participant invitation management and liaison
      • Management of delegate registration via a custom built on-line registration website
      • Issuing meeting correspondence to all participants including invitations, registration forms,
      acknowledgements, confirmations, welcome letters and thank you letters
      • On-site event management to ensure smooth running and security for closed meetings
      • Meeting design theme
      • Typesetting and printing of meeting materials including meeting pack and contents, directional signs,
      name badges, WorkMats, agenda, participant list, slide handouts, post-meeting questionnaire, etc.
      • Audiovisual management

  • Deliverables

    • Venue sourcing and management including room hire, catering, rooming list, etc.
    • Participant invitation management
    • Travel bookings for invited delegates and airport transfer arrangements for all participants
    • Accommodation arrangements for all participants
    • Issuing meeting correspondence to all participants including ‘Save the Date’ flyer, invitations,
    registration forms, acknowledgements, confirmations, welcome letters and thank you letters
    • Meeting design theme
    • Typesetting and printing of meeting materials including meeting pack and contents, directional signs,
    name badges, WorkMats, agenda, participant list, slide handouts, post-meeting questionnaire, etc.
    • Audiovisual management including PowerPoint slide show, filming and editing presentations
    • Stage set design and build
    • Social event management

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  • The Solution

    Advance War-gaming Workshop


    • Venue sourcing and management
    • Research and development of all market, disease and competitor insight materials
    • Pre-workshop e-mail education programme to prepare and sensitise delegates. Development of
    strategic and tactical plans; achieving consensus through innovative, interactive gaming techniques
    • Creating a long-lasting and memorable interactive workshop experience. Strengthening the team
    through group interaction
    • Providing an in-depth competitive intelligence resource for the client, as well as an action plan and report

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    The process has been adopted as the standard process for corporate war-gaming within the organisation

  • Deliverables: Continued

    • Stage set design and build
    • Social event management, faculty dinners etc.
    • Management of exhibition stand including congress liaison, supplier liaison, technical requirements,
    production of stand literature, on-site assistance including liaison with delegates and post-congress
        - Congresses attended:
        - ACTRIMS 2008, Montréal, Canada
        - NANOS 2009, Lake Tahoe, USA
        - AAN 2009, Seattle, USA
        - ECTRIMS 2009, Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Creation of scientific posters, including medical writing, design and typesetting, on-line submission and

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about us

  • The Cinnamon Agency was established in 2005 in response to the
    changing demands within the world of design and communications.

    Cinnamon’s approach ensures close collaborative relationships with clients
    and target audiences, from the initial brief through to the delivery of complete
    creative solutions, achieving outstanding results that make a genuine difference.

    Through our no-nonsense, non-biased and media-neutral approach, we have earned
    a reputation for adding measurable value to our clients’ brands, delivering effective design solutions, to generate maximum return on marketing investment.

    Our mission is to conceive and deliver the most effective solution,
    producing great work every time.

    We are pleased to introduce some of our talented team.

  • Neil Odell is the company founder. Neil's experience in production and the events industry is extensive - spanning some 25 years - and he has expertise in a wide range of disciplines including exhibition management, meetings management, print production and multimedia. He is the brains behind creative concepts such as "Pegasus" – the mobile meeting resource – and "Pandora" – the digital medical educational tool. Neil is a keen rugby fan, supporting Sales Sharks, and he also coaches a local under-8s team at Stockport Rugby Club. Away from Cinnamon, his two children are keeping him forever young, at least on the inside!

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577209

    Sara Hicklin heads the creative design and production team, and has enjoyed 22 years in the industry. Sara is always looking to apply fresh and innovative production finishes to all print work, to ensure the delivered article is always superior. The team has created award-winning scientific posters - commended because of their innovative layout as well as content. Sara is a keen cook, and has even learned how to make chocolate shoes and a handbag...unfortunately the team were only allowed to admire these masterpieces, not sample them! Her impeccable flair for design also extends to a stunning shoe collection (not of the chocolate variety). Other pastimes include walking Mollie the dog and watching football matches across the country.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577392

  • Amanda Bradbury is a highly skilled production art worker, with exceptional creative skills and attention to detail. Amanda has a clear vision of our clients’ needs and always strives to deliver outstanding artwork that exceeds all expectations. Amanda keeps fit by running in her lunch break around the beautiful countryside where our offices are located and by visiting the local gym. She made Cinnamon very proud when she ran the London Marathon in 2008. To relax, Amanda enjoys socialising with friends and pampering herself on spa breaks!

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 578896

    Pam Clitheroe is our senior designer. Pam has over 20 years’ design experience with particular expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, and her work has been regularly praised and acclaimed over the years. Pam has a gift for converting the most unambitious brief into an eye-catching, original and memorable piece of work by applying her exceptional flair and creativity to each and every project. In her spare time, Pam enjoys working out at the local gym and is a keen runner. Pam also enjoys going to the cinema, dining with friends, visiting art galleries and numerous outdoor pursuits with her young family, including bike rides and summer picnics.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577396

  • Jane Fensome is an event manager with over 20 years' experience organising a wide range of events from intimate advisory board meetings to major product launches, worldwide. Jane is passionate about meeting logistics, and the driving force behind the development of Cinnamon's bespoke meetings database, 'e-track', which generates all manner of meeting reports from rooming lists and airport transfer lists to name badges and welcome letters. Jane has also been instrumental in developing a number of on-line registration models, tailor-made to suit our clients' unique events. In her spare time, Jane enjoys cooking, trips to the cinema, country walks and keeping fit at the local gym.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577203

    Joe Hamden is an experienced production art worker, with a flair for delivering impeccable artwork every time. Joe’s creative skills have been key to the development of several multimedia packages including our very own website, and “Pandora” – a state-of-the-art educational tool for physicians. Joe is another member of the team who keeps fit by going to the local gym and playing five-a-side football, and he is bracing himself for his first triathlon! Liking a challenge, Joe is also learning to plaster and has managed to persuade colleague Sheila to let him practice on her living room and kitchen walls! They are still friends.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 578600

  • Paul Thomas is a highly regarded commercial and marketing wizard, providing truly inspirational and stimulating strategy concepts that, time and again, challenge our clients' expectations. A great asset to the Cinnamon Agency, Paul has worked in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector for over 30 years and has particular expertise in Clinical Research, Outcomes Research, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Medical Publishing, Medical Education, Sales and motivational training and War Gaming. In his free time, Paul likes to get stuck into some DIY and home renovation and also enjoys rebuilding cars. Paul's talents include guitar playing and entertaining friends at his legendary summer BBQ party.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577301

    Sheila Williams is an event manager with 10 years’ experience in the medical education agency environment. Her enthusiasm is second to none, bringing great ideas and intelligent solutions to every meeting challenge. Sheila also has experience in exhibition-stand management, which involves organising the stand space and equipment as well as manning the stand itself – very popular with clients because of her friendly and enthusiastic manner. Sheila has a busy social life and particularly enjoys various country pursuits, thanks to her farming background. She is a regular at the local gym and is also a budding milliner, creating all manner of weird and wonderful fascinators and perchers.

    Email:     Telephone: +44 (0)1625 577221

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